• Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting to the ATO is mandatory from July 1 2018

  • It takes just 10 minutes to make your payroll software STP-compliant with Single Touch

  • Single Touch is FREE to use until July 1 2018 to help you get ready

Single Touch will make your software
STP-compliant in less than 10 minutes. The Single Touch API is FREE for software developers

Simple + Quick + Secure

ATO Single Touch Payroll (STP): What you need to know

Report salary, wages, PAYG withholding and super information to the ATO

Report directly from your payroll software

Available from July 1, 2017

Mandatory for employers with 20 or more employees from July 1, 2018

Who it's for

Single Touch provides a simple solution for employers and software providers who need to comply with the new ATO STP reporting requirements for wages/salaries, PAYG withholding and superannuation.

Payroll Software Providers

FREE to integrate API to your platform
Ensure client compliance
Fast and easy integration


Simple + Quick + Secure
No contracts

Financial Service Providers

Add value to your clients
Ensure client compliance
Save time and costs
Reduce compliance costs


API for Single Touch Payroll reporting
Tailored .CSV if no API support
Single Touch Payroll data validation
Pre-transmission error reporting
ATO receipt confirmation
Intelligent executive control reporting

For the technically-minded, click here for more details about Single Touch features

About Us

Single Touch is a specialist developer with extensive experience working in payroll and associated software. We understand the needs of payroll software vendors, employers and government departments, ensuring that we develop effective and efficient solutions for all stakeholders.

Single Touch is a focused product that has been developed specifically to help employers, financial service providers and payroll software vendors to easily comply with Single Touch Payroll (STP) as mandated by the ATO.