Who its for - Payroll Software Providers

The Single Touch API is free to software providers and integrates easily to your platform. You will be able to ensure all your clients are compliant with new ATO STP reporting requirements with minimal effort.

By using the Single Touch API you avoid all the development and ongoing maintenance issues around Standard Business Reporting required for STP reporting (i.e. XML, ebMS3/AS4). Single Touch takes care of everything for you.

Single Touch has made a significant investment in time and resources to make it easy for software providers to get their platforms STP-ready. We will maintain and enhance Single Touch to ensure it’s always up-to-date with ATO requirements.

You can confidently advise your clients that your platform is compatible with ATO STP reporting, a significant value-added service we offer you at no cost. Once it’s set up, employers pay Single Touch directly for the reporting service, based on their business activity. STP reporting is mandatory, so it’s important that your clients have the ability to comply. Single Touch makes it easy and cost-effective.

There are two ways to integrate
Single Touch for your customers:


The easiest way to use Single Touch is to incorporate the API into your software. The API seeks out the correct information for simple one-touch reporting.


The .CSV option is available for software unable to implement the API. This option allows your client to upload to the SIngle Touch portal.

For the technically-minded, click here for more details about Single Touch features

You can implement Single Touch with confidence as we have extensive experience in specialist software development and services. We’ve made the investment to make it easy for you to integrate the API into your platform, and makes compliance with ATO STP reporting requirements simple for your clients.

If you want a simple STP solution for your software; contact us today.