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Single Touch is the easy way to make your business compliant with the ATO's single Touch reporting requirements. It is a secure way to transmit your payroll data to the ATO.

The API provided by Single Touch is the most simple and efficient method to send your client's STP data to the ATO.

There are two types of options: Single Touch Lite (STP Lite) and Single Touch Portal (STP portal).

STP Lite is the ATO interface for employers who do not have a payroll system, or their payroll system does not have a Product ID, while those using STP portal, having a Product ID is mandatory.

STP Lite: https://lite.singletouch.com.au
Single Touch Lite
STP Portal: https://portal.singletouch.com.au
Single Touch Lite

STP Lite offers both CSV file upload and direct data entry facilities, the Portal product offers CSV and XML file upload facilities as well as a JSON or XML RESTful API.

A Product ID is an ID given to software providers by the ATO to uniquely identify them. The software provider (software company) must register with the ATO as a “Software Provider” and go through testing of their software to obtain the ID.

To find out whether your payroll system has a Product ID or not, please contact your payroll software provider.

Yes, STP Lite is accessible even without a payroll system. It offers a manual payroll data entry method, allowing you to fulfil your payroll reporting obligations with the ATO.

STP Lite:

A fee of $0.25 per employee transmission is applicable to each ABN or ACN, with a minimum charge of $7.50. Admin fee of $9.50 applies when Direct Debit is not provided. All fees are invoiced monthly and please note, all values exclude Goods Services Tax (GST). No fees or charges will be incurred if no submissions are made during a month.

STP Portal:

A fee of $0.10 per employee transmission is applicable to each ABN or ACN, with a minimum charge of $5. Admin fee of $9.50 applies when Direct Debit is not provided. All fees are invoiced monthly and please note, all values exclude Goods Services Tax (GST). No fees or charges will be incurred if no submissions are made during a month.

As per the ATO's instructions and guidelines, you are required to report a pay event to the ATO on or before the pay day. (pay day is the date on which you pay your employee's wages into their bank accounts).

For more information visit below link of the ATO: ATO Single Touch guidelines

As per the ATO's instructions, you must lodge your STP event, each time you have paid your employees; on or before the payment date. For example, if you pay our employees weekly then you must lodge your STP events weekly too.

Please Visit https://singletouch.com.au

Select either STP Lite for employers without a payroll system, or STP Portal for employers with a payroll system and a Product ID, then complete sign up and STP will guide you step by step.

You can find the full instructions in detail here for STP Lite or here for STP Portal

Yes, Single Touch is STP phase 2 compliant.

Clients are offered support during office hours (9am – 5pm) via email or phone (02) 94204638.

Yes, Single Touch requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Single Touch is an ISO 27001 certified company and security and safe-keeping of your data is of paramount importance to us. We use industry standard encryption both for data transmission and data storage and pride ourselves on the level of security and protection we maintain.

Yes, you can give access to your company's data to your accountant, bookkeeper or BAS agent. You must ensure that they follow best practice security and privacy procedures when dealing with confidential employee information.

On STP Lite or Portal, you can register as many entities as you need.

On STP Lite or Portal, you can register as many employees as you need.

No, Single Touch does not include a self-service portal for employees or managers.

No, at the moment we do not have a phone app, but you can access the website on any internet connected device (including mobile phones) via a browser.

There is no trial period, however set up is free. You can register your business and access straight away to evaluate whether our product suits your business requirements.

Important to note, if you transmit payroll data using any of our products (either STP Lite or STP Portal), an invoice will be auto generated at the end of the month.

Yes. Both Single Touch Lite and Portal provide a suite of reports designed for payroll reconciliation assuring that the reported information reconciles with your payroll system and accounts.

No. Data can only be transmitted to the ATO from approved Software Providers using their fixed file format. Single Touch Lite is such an approved Software Provider.

Yes, accountants or BAS agents can use the Single Touch products. Single Touch has different types of users and access levels including BAS agent, Executive BAS agent, normal and executive users.

For BAS Tax Agents who represent several companies, Single Touch has a SPONSOR facility.

If you become a Sponsor for your clients, you will receive one invoice each month for the total amount.

Yes, you are able to send STP events of prior financial years via Single Touch.

Yes, as long as you have sent your events via STP Lite or STP Portal.

Yes, you are able to amend your employees' previous financial years via STP Lite and Portal (as long as you have sent your events for those financial years via STP Lite or STP Portal), please contact STP support team with more information and we will advise the next steps.

No. Employees should log into their personal myGov account and find their earning statements under the Income statement section.

You can invite all of your team members or accountant to use the system and assign them appropriate access to your entity (company) at no extra cost.

Each of the Single Touch products (Lite and Portal) have a sandbox for testing purposes:

Sandbox for STP lite: https://sandbox-lite.singletouch.com.au

Sandbox for STP portal: https://sandbox.singletouch.com.au

You are welcome to use these for testing, free of charge.

Please be aware that although the test environments appear to look exactly the same as the live websites and has the same processes including confirmation email from the ATO after a pay event transmission, the sandbox payroll data is never used by the ATO and the sandbox sites are for Testing purposes only.

Once you have signed up for STP Portal, you will find more information regarding our API under the Support - Developer guides section. Please note, signing up for an account is free and you will not be charged unless you submit pay events.

Yes, you are able to use our products if your company has a WPN. WPNs have two characters less than ABN so you must provide it in the ABN section with two leading zeroes e.g., 00xxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxx is your WPN.

No. Single Touch is simply a data reporting tool and acts as a gateway between you and the ATO. For all your payment obligations to the ATO, please follow procedure as outlined in your myGov portal.

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm (AEST), however you can contact the Single Touch support team at all times via email (enquire@singletouch.com.au)

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