If you are an employer, yes.

From 1 July 2018 employers with 20 or more employees are required to report a range of payroll, tax and superannuation information to the ATO.

From 1st July 2019 ALL employers are required to report using single touch, regardless of size.

Payroll software providers will need to ensure their clients can use Single Touch Payroll reporting via their existing systems.

No. It is the name that the ATO has given to the reporting of information from your payroll to the ATO.

If you're a payroll software provider you will need to update your system to facilitate Single Touch Payroll reporting (XML, ebMS3/AS4 etc). The API provided by Single Touch is the most simple and efficient means of doing this.

You have total control of the information reported to the ATO. Single Touch provides a suite of reports designed for payroll reconciliation giving you the reassurance that the information you have reported agrees with your payroll.

Yes. Before reporting to the ATO, Single Touch will validate all your information and you have the opportunity to make corrections if there are errors.

For employers, Single Touch is the easy way to make your business compliant with the ATO's new single Touch reporting requirements. It's the easy and secure way to get your data to the ATO in the correct format with no additional work.

For payroll software providers, Single Touch provides an easy way to incorporate Single Touch Payroll reporting into your existing software, at no cost to you.

No. Data going to the ATO needs to be XML with ebMS3/AS4 security. Because of the security requirements, the ATO will only accept data from an ATO white listed product like Single Touch. If you cannot use the Single Touch API to integrate with your existing payroll software, Single Touch will provide you with a tailored .CSV for upload to singletouch.com.au where it will be converted, secured and delivered to the ATO.

No. Single Touch Payroll is DATA ONLY. Continue to pay the ATO in the same way that you have been.

Every time and on the day that you pay employees.

Yes. Single Touch uses the same strict government standards that the ATO uses in securing the Single Touch Payroll data that you send.

From 10c per employee, each time their data is reported to the ATO (minimum $5.00 per month). Please refer to "Fees" in the Single Touch Terms & Conditions.

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