Who its for - Financial Service Providers

As a financial service provider to business, you may be involved in advising clients in relation to tax and superannuation. Part of this is ensuring your clients are compliant with their Standard Business Reporting to the ATO.

ATO STP reporting is now mandatory, and you can help your clients get set-up so they meet their obligations. Single Touch makes the transition easy for your clients by providing a cost-effective service that can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

Single Touch makes it easy to manage compliance and reporting so you can focus on the broader aspects of your clients’ businesses.

Importantly, we have focused on including robust reporting in Single Touch to assist you and your clients to reconcile and keep track of payroll and superannuation reporting.

For more information, download our Single Touch Tax Practitioners' PDF pamphlet.

Single Touch offers many benefits to your clients

No lock-in agreements or exit penalties
Comprehensive range of STP reports designed to help payroll managers keep control of what is being sent to the ATO*
Extensive suite of executive reports designed for CFOs and HR managers

*including payroll reconciliation

Single Touch can be incorporated into your own BMS or payroll software via our API for seamless reporting to the ATO. Alternatively if your clients process their own payroll, we offer a simple .CSV file format that can be generated by payroll staff and lodged directly through the Single Touch portal.

For your clients that are affected by the introduction of mandatory STP reporting, you can be confident that Single Touch is a simple, fast and secure solution to ensure they are compliant.