CSV Overview

Important information

To use the ATO's STP Pay Event reporting it is required that payroll software vendors register with the ATO to obtain their own Payroll Product ID. Register with the ATO SBR as a software developer here. When completed, an account manager will be assigned to you and will be in touch to let you know further requirements how to obtain the Product ID.

YTD (Year To Date) cumulative

Please note: All Payee Amounts must be reported as Year to Date cumulative for the financial year reported in.

CSV file upload

The CSV option is available for software unable to implement the API. The same information is flattened out into our CSV file format and allows your client to upload their file to our Single Touch portal.

Entity ABN BMS ID Branch ID Period W1 Period W2 Payroll number ...etc.
123456789 ACME_BMS_1 1 1000 200 SMITH1 ...
123456789 ACME_BMS_1 1 1000 200 BROWN1 ...
123456789 ACME PAYROLL SOFTWARE 1 1000 200 JONES ...

If you're interested in adopting the Single Touch Payroll CSV file into your software, contact us for further information.